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Sep. 18th, 2014 07:33 pm
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If you like Pacific Rim; lovingly, lovely, and accurately described scientific procedures; and also Hermann and Newt being themselves at each other at full throttle, then First a Darling, Then a Marvel is for you.
Newt runs a simulation given three constraints:

1: Newt wants to clone a kaiju
2: Hermann does not want Newt to clone a kaiju
3: Newt is going to clone a kaiju anyway
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I was browsing rainbowlists for new prompts, and well... I understand this is probably a lyric reference, but in the hospital (or my hospital, in any case), "Code Brown" refers to feces. It's a tongue-in-cheek way for the staff to say a patient has defecated themself, usually in their bed, and needs help getting cleaned up.

So that's a somewhat unfortunate association that I will never, ever be able to erase, and now neither will you.

Fic rec

Aug. 3rd, 2014 11:28 am
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If you like Pacific Rim and neurology and the consequences of inadvisable experiments, Designations Congruent With Things is so good. So good. 250k of post-drift identity fuckery with extra trauma on top, and I am not even halfway done, but it is really, really excellent and you should read it.


Nov. 10th, 2013 12:34 am
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Something creepy just happened, maybe? This is one of those situations that could have just been drunk guys and could have been a murder party. It is midnight here, and I heard a shriek from the apartment across from mine. So I hurried into the hall calling out to ask if everyone was all right and if anyone needed help, as you do. When I didn't get an answer immediately, I knocked on the door, and two men opened it. They were holding beers and seemed drunk but genial. They reassured me that it was just one of them who'd yelled, and that everything (and -one) was fine. The one who'd answered the door shook my hand, but kept holding it after he'd shaken it, even when I tried to withdraw slightly. He asked my name and which apartment was mine, which I told them, and then he asked: "Do you live there all alone, or with your husband?"

That was about when I wigged out of there just as fast as less-than-polite haste could take me, because in what world does that not also sound a whole lot like "So, is there anyone else there who knows where you are and will notice immediately if you disappear?" I haven't heard any further screaming, so hopefully they're just partying more circumspectly and haven't, say, silenced their victim.

In summary, I might get axe-murdered by the new neighbors. I've already emailed Lily to let her know that if I disappear without warning, please feed the cats and let the police know whodunnit.

(I'm not seriously worried about murder happening, otherwise I'd be halfway to the police by now, but it made me uneasy enough that I wanted someone else in the building to know what happened and who was involved.)


Sep. 2nd, 2013 02:36 pm
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Oh hey also, Flight Rising is opening new user registration for a three hour window tomorrow. If it hasn't crossed your path before, it's an online game where you raise dragons; you can breed for specific colors, play pseudo-genetics by adding genes that can be passed down to offspring, and accessorize with familiars and apparel. The art is gorgeous, with eleven species of dragon currently available and a wide spread of colors to customize them with.

If pixel dragons sounds like your cup of tea, then consider making an account tomorrow morning 5-8am PST. My username is Cinnabar on the site, and my lair is here. Come be friends!
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What do you even do with two unscheduled days? It's amazing how fast your standards change - three months ago, I pretty much took two day weekends for granted, and now they are an unimaginable luxury of time. I'm not even technically supposed to have two days off in a row, my resident was just really, really, really nice and gave them to me.

(I lied. I know exactly what I'm going to do with these two days, I am going to study like a studying thing for the upcoming shelf exam. Hello and goodbye!)
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My friends and I have a joke: These days, whenever we're explaining why we can't go to that concert/hang out/get groceries/sleep, the answer is now "Because third year."

It isn't really a joke. That's why it's funny!

Most medical school curriculums are organized so that the first two years are academic - you go to classes and learn a new language to describe all the things that can go wrong, and some of the ways we can fix it. The second two are the clinical years, where for the first time we become part of a medical team.

I am now almost two months into my third year, and I am responsible for other people's care. Not in a large way; I don't make the important decisions. But I have sat and spoken with so many people from so many walks of life who shared their pain, and I have touched more people in the last seven weeks than in the past decade. There are people who have left on a slightly different medication dosage, because I did the reading, and my resident let me make the final decision.

It's exhausting; it's exhilarating.

My brain does a thing where my focus narrows, especially when I'm stressed, and for these two months, looking away from medicine has not been something that's occurred to me. I'm sorry for dropping off the map, though I'm afraid I won't be around much for the next ten months.

Because third year.

(To entirely ruin that ending, I have also been playing dragons, because it provides excellent five-minute brain breaks, and also dragons make everything better. My life is all medical puzzles and pixel dragons at this point. If any of you are playing, we can be ruthless dragon capitalists together maybe?)
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That awkward moment when I default back to classroom social norms and raise my hand in order to talk at a meeting.

I'll be over here in the corner, alternating between laughing at myself and combusting from embarrassment.
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Tell me about stories you think I should write. I mean, if you could sit me down for a day or whatever and say, "Ok, I want you to write this story for me," what would that story be?

I'm not actually promising to *write* any of these, mind you, but it's fun anyway. And who knows if I'll be inspired!


Mar. 3rd, 2013 08:50 pm
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For the first time, a child born HIV positive was cured with antiretroviral treatment in the first days of life. They hypothesize that the prompt, aggressive regimen prevented the virus from establishing reservoirs in the body before it was eradicated.

Clinical researchers are already designing studies to try and replicate the results. This is actually happening in our generation, you guys.
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A while ago, [personal profile] isana and I talked a bit about the scads of research backing up the fact that being "overweight" by the current cultural metric doesn't equal being unhealthy. I just found this excellent list of articles and abstracts over at The Fat Nutritionist, including a few Cochrane reviews* at the bottom.

Disclaimer: Obviously just because a paper was published in a scientific journal doesn't mean it's automatically Real True Facts. Bad science is published with depressing regularity. That said, in arguments with people insisting that metabolism is all calories in = calories out, and diets do too work, and they need to shame the fatties for their health, having studies to cite can cut through the BS like nothing else. Someone might just ~*~know~*~ that overweight people are all gluttons, but it's a bit harder to keep claiming as much when you can whip out an article showing that eating habits don't correlate with BMI.

* Meta-analyses (systematic reviews) of the primary research published on a given subject in the healthcare field. Aims to include the rigorous studies in their analysis, and usually very reliable.
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I could never be a vet. Miss Olivia (who is of a feline persuasion) managed to get an infection in her third eyelid last weekend, so she's needed a course of antibacterial and -inflammatory eyedrops, which I've been dutifully administering three times a day. With a human, you could explain that a procedure might be uncomfortable, but it'll both make them feel better in the long run and be over with more quickly if they can cooperate.

You can't explain the concept to cats, for all that Miss Livs is wicked smart for a creature with a eyes bigger than her brain. That's actually part of the problem: she remembers the time of day when I give her the drops, and she knows the procedure I go through to prepare for giving them to her. As soon as that time rolls around, she disappears into one of her hiding places or up onto one of the higher cabinets, necessitating a lengthy chase scene. As you may imagine, this is stressful for her and unpleasant for me. Then I get to pin her down while she makes noises that are not reminiscent of "domesticated feline"* so much as "mountain lion, possibly possessed by a host of hellspawn." And tip her head up, pry her eye open, and attempt to get a drop into her eye, where she most emphatically doesn't want it.

* Insofar as that itself is not an oxymoron.

Fun for all involved! Luckily, I only have to do this through tomorrow.

Even more luckily, Livs doesn't hold a grudge for long )


Sep. 17th, 2012 10:11 pm
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Would either of the two of you reading this have the time and inclination to beta some RBF pieces for me? (It should go without saying, but just in case: "Nope" is more than fine! We are all busy people with already overfull plates.)

The people on RBF are lovely and very complimentary, but I'd really like to know what needs improvement.

I'd be happy to repay in kind, or provide something else of your choosing. I knit, draw a bit, and make beaded flowers.
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I didn’t start listening to Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series expecting deathless prose or incisive social commentary. I just wanted YA fluff to mentally snark my way through while I processed data for my research project. The back blurb placed a female friendship front and center, which made me a bit hopeful that this would be a step above the morass of cookie cutter “[Special girl] fights [supernatural creature] and falls in love with [brooding dangerous man]” novels glutting the market.

I didn’t expect Mead to create a bleakly dystopian society built on systemic prejudice and abuse of unearned privilege.

The problem is, she doesn’t seem to realize it. )

I still have four pages of notes full of issues I haven’t even touched on yet, so there may be more as I can stomach revisiting it.
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Guess who just rage-typed three pages on this YA series I was supposed to be listening to for fun. Go on, guess. It was supposed to be a brain break, not to break my brain. :(

No really, this author has constructed a nightmarish dystopia and she doesn't even realize it. She thinks it's all luxury porn and badassery, when really it's child soldiers being sent to die for adults and racialized prejudice so blatant I'd think it was obnoxiously heavy-handed if there were any hint she knew what she'd written. There is a literal "separate but equal" approach between two groups in the school for Special People. There are repeated assertions that girls from one group are fun to mess around with, but not the type of woman you'd marry.

Plus bonus slut-shaming perpetrated by our Exceptional Girl protagonist.

Plus there are only two POC, and all but one of the group in power are repeatedly described as the palest of the pale.

Plus nobody outside the gender binary.

Plus prose that's workmanlike at best and downright awful at worst.

I'm at the point where anger has fizzled out and it just makes me sad. I kind of want to steal the protagonist away, give her cookies and a quiet space to think, and tell her that it's okay to put herself first until she believes it. This despite how incredibly obnoxious the kid is.

When did I start thinking of teens as kids and feeling desperately protective of them, even if they're really annoying (and fictional)?
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I am really, really tired.

Boy there's sure a lot to learn about doctoring. Who would have thought!

Did you guys know how much can go wrong in the human body? (Answer: Everything! Usually in a multitude of ways!)

I am going to sleep so much in eleven days. So. Much. It will be a veritable orgy of sleep.

Wait no. That came out wrong.

Okay, back to reviewing pharmacology whee so many drugs that all sound the same.
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Not actually dead (of CHF or otherwise.) Just studying for huge national exam.

Which occasionally makes me wish I were dead.

(I mean that in a colloquial exaggeration way, not in a suicidal ideation way. Just to clarify!)

Wheee, my brain is filled with starsfacts.
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Being a medical student means being the worst sort of hypochondriac. I've been having these odd dyspneic episodes, which are uncomfortable enough on their own, and are made infinitely worse by the inevitable consideration of whether they're the shiny anglerfish's lure indicating a terrible, toothy disease lurking below. It doesn't matter how unlikely the possibilities are, I always find myself putting together a differential diagnosis while I gasp for breath.

Never mind angels and devils on my shoulder, or internal editors in dire need of a gagging, I would pay good money to silence my inner physician on occasion. Most especially when I'm abruptly very aware of needing to breathe in the worst way, and an inordinately cheerful little voice suggests: It could be congestive heart failure :3

I sincerely doubt it's CHF. I think I would have noticed a few other signs by now? And it's not like I have any risk factors for it, besides maybe high sodium intake? Let me tell you, internet, my diet is dire. I exemplify the stereotypical terrible student; I'm practically the Platonic ideal. I ate brownies for breakfast today, and I'm not even a little bit sorry.

Maybe it's COPD. :3333

I really don't think so, what with the no smoking history.

Maybe you have pulmonary hypertension. May. Be.

My blood pressure was checked this week, it's normal. High for me, but still in the normal range. Knock it off.

Anemia? Bloodwork was done a month ago.

Surprise pulmonary embolism? Pneumothorax? Now this is just getting ridiculous, and also, nope. The lack of giant stabby pain and immediate need for critical care kind of rules those out.

Well, what if cancer? Self, you can shut your filthy gob now, that is right at the bottom of the list.

My actual differential, at this point: Being very out of shape, new and interesting allergic reaction, adult onset asthma exacerbated by being very out of shape and/or allergies, psychosomatic manifestation of anxiety.

The first is far and away the most likely, and until I get evidence to the contrary (ie. I fall over and flop around unable to breathe), I'm operating off of the assumption that exercise is more likely to make things better than worse. A fast walk/slow jog for half an hour had my heartrate up to 140+. It's resting at 90 right now, which. Yeah. I should know better than to let things get that bad. At some point I should probably grab my stethoscope from the FLTC and actually listen to my heart and lungs, just to make certain everything sounds normal, but this is almost certainly an internal PSA on "Why You Shouldn't Attempt to Be One With the Couch, Chel, No Really. Exams Are Not An Excuse." And my chipper little internal doomsayer can go hang and take its catastrophic differentials with it.
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I'm going to be even scarcer than I have been for the next three weeks or so, due to:
A) Presenting at the Pediatric Academic Societies meeting this weekend, followed by
B) Exams in two weeks, compounded by
C) Various and sundry workshops (intubation! suturing!) and paperwork, plus
D) The need to partake of the mysterious activity known in legend and song as 'sleep' on occasion.

So. I am officially ollieing out of the intertubes until May 11th.

See you then!


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